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Why Todd's Running

I’m running for the state house to bring people together. We must reclaim the importance of the common good. Good for a few is not good enough.

I am a person of faith. I follow the great commandment: love God by loving our neighbor. We need to see ourselves in our neighbors and realize we are connected to our neighbors. We are in this together, and to solve our greatest challenges we will need to come together in new ways. We cannot move forward as divided as we are. I think we can come together, and we will, when we focus on the needs we share.

The Issues

Health Care and the Caring Economy

We need bold solutions that will provide health care for all Minnesotans. We also need to invest in infrastructure that allows us to care for the people we love from the beginning to the end of life: affordable child care, paid family leave, and valuing long term care.

Safe and Fully Funded Schools

For school safety, we need universal background checks, not armed teachers. We also need to fully fund K-12 education and create a Minnesota where young people can graduate from college without debt.

Clean Energy

The transition to clean energy is already resulting in good jobs. Responding to climate change creates new jobs that are opportunities for small communities and rural areas.

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